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    Lawn & Garden Weed Spraying Services

    One of the most unwelcome sights for any homeowner is weeds, whether on the lawn, garden or in general around paths, pavers and driveways. The emergence of just one weed is enough to make the most well-manicured lawn and attractive flower beds appear untidy. This is made worse by the thought that more will soon follow and when this happens Lawn & Garden Weed Spraying is your answer. The issue, however, is which product to choose, how much to use and when to apply it in order to achieve the best results.

    With lawn & garden weed spraying one needs to be careful not to overdo it. However, if you use the pre-emergent weed control services offered by your local Fox, getting rid of the most common and most stubborn weeds in your area is easy.

    There are two main types of lawn weeds:

    • Broad-leaf weeds, which often flower, have wider leaves and are easier to treat. Common broad-leaf weeds found in NSW include clover, bindii, dandelion and fathen, cape weed, cats ear, crows foot grass, fleabane, cudweed, milk thistle and wireweed.
    • Then you get the tougher, more stubborn grassy weeds which flourish in the same conditions as your normal grass. Common grassy weeds found locally include summer-grass, paspalum, onion weed, shepherds purse, mullimbimby couch, and nut grass.
    • Other kinds of weeds include warm season weeds, cool season weeds, annual weeds, and perennial weeds.

    Using our lawn & garden weed spraying services with years of experience in dealing with hundreds of weed species, your Fox Mowing weed control specialists will create a custom weed control treatment plan for your lawn and garden. Fox can even detect and treat any underlying issues with your soil that may be encouraging the continued growth and germination of weeds in your lawn or garden, helping to keep your garden and turf in tip top shape all year round.

    So, don’t waste time trying to figure out the best weed killer spray for your lawn or plants, only to end up killing every green thing in your garden! Rather, call the experts at Fox Mowing and let us do your lawn & garden weed spraying, quickly and efficiently.

    All Fox team members are trained in safe spraying all holding their ChemCert licence enabling them to apply products to your property safely protecting your gardens and the wellbeing of your family, children and pets. Fox pride themselves on a quality service so call the experts at Fox Mowing and let us take care of those pesky pests for you!

    Lawn & Garden Weed Spraying

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