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    Lawn Edging Services

    Lawn Edging plays a vital role in the appearance of your lawn. You may have beautifully cut and lush green lawns but if the grass is untidy, long and overhanging where it joins your driveways, paths or garden beds then this can let down the look of the entire lawn.

    Let’s face facts, most of us work really hard to get our lawn looking in top shape. Yet it never quite looks as good as the one down the street who have their lawn immaculately finished off with a great looking sharp edge.

    Having perfectly straight and manicured lawn edges enhances the neatness of your lawn, adding definition and contrast between your surfaces and is the finishing touch to having a lawn that will be the envy of the street.

    Your lawn in comparison, while it looks great, may stop and just awkwardly blend into the garden without defining where one ends and the other begins. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With our experience and training Fox Mowing can show you the difference it makes when your lawn edging is completed by professionals, whether this is just a meticulously cut mowing service or the addition and installation of garden bed edging.

    If you are after a defined border around your lawn area, there are many different material options available (for edging a lawn or garden edge) such as Bricks, Timber Sleepers, Metal or Plastic. Whichever you choose, one of our Fox team can supply and fit lawn edging getting your lawn looking beautiful, while you get the edge on the others in your street. Call our team today.

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